Programmes and Fields of Study




Building Construction – Bachelor’s Degree (Bc.)

The concept for the field of study Building Construction is that of a professionally oriented discipline that prepares students mainly for business practice. The objective is to prepare experts for middle-level management positions and for activities relating to the improvement of the reliability, durability and functional perfection of buildings, as well as the application of modern approaches to the prevention of construction defects and failures. Particular attention is paid to insulation and the reconstruction of buildings, which are topical issues and dynamically evolving areas of civil engineering.


Business Administration – Bachelor’s Degree (Bc.)

Business Administration is offered as a full-time study. The programme focuses on the economics and management of the individual functions of a business. In addition to providing basic theoretical knowledge in economics, business economics and management, marketing, financial management, accountancy, business activities management and other vocational subjects, it also provides students with the opportunity to acquire pratical knowledge during seminars on these subjects.



Logistics Technologies – Master’s Degree (Ing.)

Logistics is an important business sector. Its requirements and impacts on the efficiency of the society, and thus on the living standards, are enormous. Logistics is a tool which could be effectively used to acquire competitive advantage and its importance is recognized all over the world. In this context, it is possible to see the increased demands on experts in the Czech Republic and abroad. This is due to the fact that the importance of logistics is not obvious only in the manufacturing sector, but in almost all companies and organizations.


Technology and Transport management – Bachelor’s Degree (Bc.)

The concept of the professionally focused bachelor study program Technology and management of transport is based on the assumption that the graduate can solve the interconnection of transport and economic, social and cultural development of the state, individual regions and municipalities. Given that this development also has a foreign dimension, the graduate can take into account transport and transportation in the international position of the state and individual regions. The study program is designed as a professionally focused study program.


Mechanical Engineering – Bachelor’s Degree (Bc.)

The aim of the three-year Bachelor study program in Engineering is to educate professionally competent, practically equipped, professionally-oriented experts in the field of machine design and production technology. The graduate profile of the Mechanical Engineering study program is designed so that the graduates are prepared for designing structures and mechanisms with computer support and for working in the field of production technology. An important part of the study is a 13-week semester practice, which allows students to acquire practical skills from the environment of industrial companies.


Building Construction – Masters’s Degree (Ing.)

The structure of subjects of the follow-up master’s degree in the study program Civil Engineering, specialization Construction of constructions is chosen deliberately to ensure the universality of the follow-up substance in this subsequent degree of study and thus ensure the study Likewise, this composition and arrangement of subjects allows mutual transfer between schools of the same focus for students who, for some reason, change their place of study and also ensures continuity between the different fields of construction schools and related technical faculties.


Business Administration  – Masters’s Degree (Ing.)

The Business Economics study program is a continuation of the professionally focused three-year bachelor study program Economics and Management with the Business Economics study program, which was accredited in 2006 and subsequently underwent dual reaccreditation (in 2010 and 2016), and the newly prepared bachelor study program. As part of a professionally focused Bachelor’s degree program, students have acquired a professional qualification for the performance of primary and selected secondary business functions and processes. This concept has become the starting point for elaborating the curricula of the follow-up Master’s degree, where the emphasis is on mastering practical skills. In the follow-up Master’s degree, selected secondary functions and business processes will be deepened, with an emphasis on production processes.


Master of Business Administration – Master’s Degree (MBA)

Specialization Finance Management considerably enhances the knowledge concerning financial management of a company in comparison to Bachelor degree study programme, mainly by stressing the financial element.