Research & Development

Research Projects and Grants

VŠTE is a higher education establishment with large project activities the main goal of which is to fulfil the long-term intentions of the Institute. The Institute is currently focused on systematic and permanent improvements in quality, deepening the cooperation with the application sphere, infrastructure development, transferring research activities into the application sphere, and increasing the employability of graduates. The Institute’s project activities have significantly increased over the past two years.


Students’ Involvement in Research and Creative Activities

VŠTE tries to motivate students to come up with creative ideas that are then gradually implemented into the Institute’s research activities. Several supporting projects have been created as a result. The most significant of these is the SVOČ competition (Students’ Scientific and Professional Activity). Participants can show off their creativity, develop their abilities during a long period of work, and learn how to defend their standpoints. Tens of students annually participate in this competition.


Patents, Utility Models, Inventions and Other Intellectual Property

The Trademark Office conducts a proceeding for awarding a patent based on a patent application that can either be submitted by the originator of the invention, or by the one whom the originator passes the respective rights to. The right to a patent passes to the employer if the respective invention is created by an employee. VŠTE owns many patents, utility models, trade marks and other such like.


Internal Grants and Competitions

VŠTE tries to motivate its young employees and students to develop their creativity. A system of competitions and grants is in place that encourages both groups to regularly participate. Students benefit from going through the experience of working on a long-term project and subsequently defending it against tough competition. Tens of students participate annually in these competitions and innovative ideas, practical solutions, and unusual projects are often brought forward.



VŠTE annually organizes several themed conferences. These conferences differ considerably in their scope, the number of participants and their overall goal. The majority of conferences is based on the long-term mission of the Institute and on the individual accredited fields of study. The regularly organized conferences include the Defects in Buildings conference and various professional economic conferences. Small conferences are mostly specifically focused on current professional and technical subjects or issues of higher education in the Czech Republic and Europe.



Professional Magazine Reviews

VŠTE supports the development of various professional magazines, these include e.g. LOGI, an international magazine on transport and logistics, which came to fruition due to the endeavours of various faculties in higher education establishments across the whole of Europe. Littera Scripta is also a magazine that is published under the initiative of VŠTE. The magazine mainly focuses on technical sciences and economics.