ESN VŠTE Budweis

ESN is a student non-profit organization founded in 2014 due to the growing number of incoming foreign students accepted, increasing number of international events and the number of VSTE students going abroad. Primarily, the organization called Buddy VSTE was founded in 2012. This platform only looked after the Erasmus+ program foreign students and assigned a buddy (who is known as the first friend of a foreign student) to each foreign student. Over time, Buddy VSTE was upgraded to ESN Buddy VSTE. During the years of its existence, this student association has evolved into a student organization with proper participation in the Erasmus Student Network. Nowadays, ESN VSTE Budweis operates independently and assists more than 60 foreign students every semester with their study and everyday life in České Budějovice. At the beginning of a semester, each student is obligated to register on this site ( to get his buddy before the arrival and to be informed about all the details concerning the arrival. If the international students encounter any problems, their buddies would try to resolve them before the semester starts. Essential information concerning accommodation, semester schedule, Introduction week and so on is listed in the welcome e-mail that will be sent to the students.

The ESN also cooperates with the Division of foreign relations of VSTE, organizes cultural and entertainment events, educational projects and participates in international projects under the auspices of the European Union Erasmus Student Network and Erasmus +. The biggest achievement to date was the ESN VSTE Budweis Award for the third Best Beginner at ESN International for the academic year 2013/14.

In the last 4 years, ESN VSTE Budweis has increased by at least 20 active members and currently (2018) there are about 40 members. That is why ESN aimed to organize such big events as the ESN National Platforms, for example NP LIPNO in 2016 ( and NP Budweis in 2018 (video to be completed). Another ESN event was the Flag Parade 2017 organized to mark the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+ (

At the beginning of a new semester, ESN tries to help foreign students to get „acclimated“ as quickly as possible. Therefore, under the auspices of VSTE, they organize so called Introduction week for student. Students receive a SimCard from local mobile connection provider (Vodafone) and ESN cards, which include various discounts applicable for transport, accommodation, etc. There is a tour of the Budejovice brewery, karaoke night, movie night, welcome dinner, welcome party, ISIC card, and, of course, a tour of České Budějovice, … On a demonstration of what IW includes, please see the video. (

During the semester, excursions and trips both in the Czech Republic and abroad are organized for foreign students. The information on such events are published on the fb page created for the given semester at the beginning of the week. Moreover, students can use it to contact their friend (Buddy) who tells them more information.


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