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Littera Scripta

(Economy, Management, Marketing, Linguistics, Pedagogy, Education, History)

About the journal: Littera Scripta (Economy, Management, Marketing, Linguistics, History) in its current form is a multidisciplinary journal which is published by The Institute of Technology and Business. It was originally established in 1997. A proper editorial board was put in place in 2007.Since 2008 it has been published twice a year. The journal is currently indexed on the list of reviewed non-impacted journals published in the Czech Republic, in CEJSH and in ERIH PLUS. Instructions for authors.

Littera Scripta aims to create enough space for publication activities and simultaneously a broad platform for the exchange of ideas, experience and the acquisition of new knowledge from research and creative work. In 2014, the journal started to focus more specifically on social sciences, in particular business and public sector economics, governance, management, administration, marketing, linguistics, pedagogy, education and history.

Submitted articles go through a two-round review process. Each article is assessed by the editorial board. The board evaluates the formal aspects of the article including the structure, content, thematic adequacy, logic and formal points of view. The reviewers have the freedom to make their own assessment and form their own rationale for publishing.

The review process is double-blind – the reviewers do not know the author(s), and vice versa. The aim of this procedure is not only to achieve maximum reviewer objectivity, but also in a broader sense to publish articles that are topical and which bring new information and are relevant in terms of the development of science and knowledge.

Periodicity: Twice a year

Papers can be sent throughout the whole year. The deadline for the first issue is the 31st March and for the second issue on the 30th June. English is the only language accepted.

Publisher: The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice, Okružní 10, 370 01 České Budějovice, ISSN 1805-9112 (Online).