Study Section

The Study Section issues all documents that students require, including ISIC and ITIC cards. This section provides complete information on the Study Section, including contact details and office hours. Click here for further information




Economics Section

Contact details and office hours of the Economics Section. Click here for further information


Pedagogical Section

The Pedagogical Section of VŠTE creates schedules, administers the information system and handles pedagogical issues. Click here for contact details and office hours.



 Section of Projects Works

Click here for contact details and further information on current projects.


Section of Practical Training and External Relations

The Vice-Chancellor’s Section of Practical Training and External Relations offers students preferential prearranged vacancies within renowned companies and State offices in the Region of South Bohemia. These vacancies guarantee excellent conditions for undertaking practical experience in accordance with the requirements of VŠTE. Among the more than five hundred private companies and organisations of the State are CSOB, SOPHIA language services, South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce, TONSTAV-SERVICE, and the City of České Budějovice. Click here for contact details.