There are only two public institutes in the Czech Republic where the programmes focus on the applicability of knowledge rather than just theory. VŠTE is one of them. The latest example of this is a shared workplace between the Institute and the company JIKORD.

The primary focus of VŠTE activities is the implementation of full-time and part-time studies for professional bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. The professional study programmes are supported by cooperation with regional entrepreneurs. VŠTE’s other priorities include applied research, the implementation of innovative technologies and knowledge transfer into areas that are current and crucial with regards to the regions needs.


Information system

VŠTE uses a comprehensive information system that allows students to create their own learning plans and manage their individual study credits. The rules that must be observed during a student’s studies are put into the system as algorithms which then help them to prepare their individual learning plans. This and other services provided through the IS MU means that, among other things, queues have disappeared (e.g. registrations for subsequent semesters are now carried out automatically by the system, etc.), as have paper registers (even student’s record books have become redundant), and many activities related to learning and teaching have been simplified.  More information.


GrafFaculty of VSTE

Overview of all institutes and departments VŠTE.


Foreign Relations

This section provides comprehensive information on the policy for studying abroad, the Erasmus programme (e.g. conditions for admission), linguistic principles, list of partner universities or any other information on the movements of students and employees alike. Click here for further information on foreign relations.




This section provides all the information you require on the individual sections of the Institute. All the contact details and opening hours of the individual sections. Click here for further information on the individual sections.


VŠTE Organisational Structure

Link to the overview of the Institute’s organisational structure. VŠTE Organisational Structure





Our students can make use of the services of our library. The library reopened in 2012. Our students may borrow or buy books and textbooks, utilize the services of two study halls or browse through newspapers and magazines. Click here for further information on the library.



This section provides comprehensive information on boarding, the school canteen, the system for the reservation of meals, the current menu and the contact details of the canteen personnel. Click here for further information on boarding.



Accommodation at VŠTE

For those students of VŠTE České Budějovice whose place of residence is far away there is the university dormitory. It operates 7 days a week and is located directly on the campus.


Certificates and Other Awards

Historical overview of all the awards and certificates that the Institute has been awarded over time. Click here for further information




Erasmus +

Comprehensive information on the Erasmus programme, including preconditions for admission, list of partner universities and students’ experience.