Leisure time activities


  • Bike rental for students – for easier transport to the centre or for going on trips – návrh. Plan of cycle routes in South Bohemia. Bude doplněno.
  • Chess club
    VSTE chess club offers conditions for further growth of talented chess players – young chess players, VSTE students, and public under the guidance of experienced chess teachers in order to promote chess playing and active participation in chess tournaments.
  • Student club

Our student club is a place where the students can relax, have a snack or handle the same issues as in an internet café. In the club, there is a good and free wi-fi connection. The capacity of the club is about 60 places, and it is a good way to spend the time between lectures or seminars, or a place where the students who live in the dormitory can meet or have fun without having to go to the town centre. It is also a great place for a birthday party or so.

  • Sports ground in the VSTE campus

A new sports ground for sports activities.  Since August 2018.

  • Hockey club Black Dogs.
    A newly founded ice-hockey club, the only one in the South Bohemia founded under the auspices of the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice (VSTE) in 2017.