Business Administration

  • Length of study: 2 years
  • Form of study: full-time
  • Price of study: 70 000 CZK, 2 692 EUR, 3 045 USD / per year
  • Study plan


Detailed description

The Business Administration study program is a continuation of the professionally focused three-year bachelor study program Economics and Management with the Business Economics study program, which was accredited in 2006 and subsequently underwent dual reaccreditation (in 2010 and 2016), and the newly prepared bachelor study program.

As part of a professionally focused Bachelor’s degree program, students have acquired a professional qualification for the performance of primary and selected secondary business functions and processes. This concept has become the starting point for elaborating the curricula of the follow-up Master’s degree, where the emphasis is on mastering practical skills. In the follow-up Master’s degree, selected secondary functions and business processes will be deepened, with an emphasis on production processes. The proposed professionally-oriented follow-up Master’s degree program offers the specialization “Production Economist”, which is currently highly demanded based on a survey of the business sector and the labor market, especially in the South Bohemian region. Within the specialization, the graduates will acquire knowledge and practical skills in the field of process management related to business management and planning and principles for effective implementation of production processes. By integrating economic knowledge and skills acquired in the follow-up master’s degree program with the fundamentals and principles of management and planning of technical-technological processes in the proposed specialization (Production Economist), the graduate is profiled, which is increasingly accentuated by current business practice. The graduate can: Profile of the graduate of the professionally-oriented follow-up master’s study program Business Economics respects the general profile of the graduate of economically-oriented fields according to Government Regulation No. 275/2016 Coll. on education in higher education.

The professionally-oriented follow-up Master’s degree program places increased emphasis on the balance and integrity of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, with an emphasis on the professional orientation of SP graduates. In particular, it involves the acquisition of key economic concepts and categories and the relationships between them in the context of the main economic theories and the operational and process business environment, as well as the identification, analysis, and interpretation of business production and value processes for managing and regulating material, financial and energy flows; human resources to achieve prosperity and sustainability of business entities. The graduate can independently search, sort, analyze and critically interpret economic data and information needed for management and decision-making of business entities, solve creatively economic relations and relations within internal and external business environment in interdisciplinary context, generate business strategy and ensure its specification, apply project principles in business process management, propose a suitable way of using financial derivatives to hedge against risks, compare investment instruments in terms of their risk, return and liquidity, manage stabilization and development of corporate human resources, compare and evaluate organizational unit strategies and their reflection in the areas of marketing, financing, investment activities, human resources, logistics, organizational architecture, and production activities.