Business Administration (Bachelor's)

Business Administration may be studied in full-time or part-time form. It is focused on the economics and management of individual functions within a company. In addition to basic theoretical knowledge of economics, business economics and management, marketing, financial management, accounting, business activities management and other professional subjects it also provides students with practical skills during workshops on the aforementioned professional subjects.

Building Construction (Bachelor's)

The goal of this branch of knowledge is to provide professionally focused bachelor’s education and to prepare professionals for middle management positions and the performance of activities connected with the assurance of higher reliability, durability and functional perfection of buildings, as well as the application of up-to-date approaches to the prevention of defects and failures. Special attention is paid to the insulation and restoration of buildings, i.e. the activities that represent a very significant and dynamic part of current business in civil engineering.

Logistics Technologies (Master’s)

Logistics represents a significant sphere of business, its demands and impacts on the efficiency of a company and on the standard of living of citizens is enormous. Logistics is a tool that can be effectively used to obtain competitive advantage and its significance is recognized around the whole world. With this in mind it is possible to identify the increasing demands being placed on experts both in the Czech Republic and abroad. This is caused by the fact that logistics is not only important for the sphere of production, but for almost all companies and organisations.

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