Application process 2019/2020

The application process for Student Mobility Programmes at the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice for the sumer semester of the academic year 2019/2020 has started!



Summer semester 2019/2020 lasts from 17 February 2020 till 21 June 2020 (including the exam period term).


The application proces will last till 15 December 2019 (for VISA applicants, it is 30 November).

Students who need VISA for their stay are strongly advised to contact us as soon as possible so that we are able to provide them with the VISA support documents before the deadline (3-4 months before the start of semester)! Please keep in mind that application proceedings for a visa can take about 1 month on our side and the Czech embassy reserves up till 2 months to process the VISA. You also need to make an appointment at the appropriate Czech Embassy or Czech Consulate in advance; waiting time can be about 1-2 months. We have to stress that our institution is not able to affect the process of issuing VISA. For more information about long-term VISA see our brief guide through VISA process ( or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. (


Required documents:

1) Application form (to be filled out electronically)

2) Transcript of records

3) Copy of passport (EU members can send a copy of their ID card)

4) Learning agreement

5) Copy of health insurance certificate

a) EU citizens are obliged to send a copy of their EHIC card. However, it is strongly recommended to buy a commercial insurance as the EHIC does not cover all necessities.

b) Non EU citizens are obliged to either send a copy of their 111 form, for example TR/CZ 111 for Turkey OR buy one of the insurance products from the Czech insurance company, e.g. The best option is to buy a comprehensive insurance, similar to public health insurance in the Czech Republic, but is restricted to the agreed indemnity limits.   Comprehensive insurance per 1 month costs approximately 1000 CZK + 100 CZK for the Schengen countries

6) If you want to live in a dormitory, please fill out and send the Housing reservation form. The price is around 2840 CZK (about 110 EUR) a month and it is necessary to pay refundable deposit 5680 CZK (about 230 EUR) first day of stay. Also, the capacity of our dorms is limited, so we follow „first come, first served“ policy.


Once filled in, please send the required documents

1) in MS Word (without signature) on the e-mail for the corrections to be made. Once the documents are approved;

2) send them signed and scanned in pdf format as an attachment on