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You can choose interns from the following fields of study:

Business Administration – click here

knowledge in the field of finance, management, marketing and customer care, business activities (buying and selling), innovation, production, HR, foreign language (English, German)

Human Resources – click here

knowledge in the field of labour law, HR marketing, HR management, organizational structure, employee training, compensation and motivation system, interculture management, foreign language (English, German)

Civil Engineering – click here

Specialization Building design – knowledge in the field of functions and aesthetics of building architecture, structural designs of buildings, principles of interactive design, orientation in the material offer, environmental and energy assessment of buildings and their environment, foreign language (English/German)

Specialization Load-Bearing structure – knowledge in the field of design of construction materials, solution of load-bearing structures, design of buildings and optimization of the structure, analysis of static solution of buildings, assessment of load-bearing elements and systems of buildings, foreign language (English/German)

Mechanical Engineering – click here

knowledge in the field of 3D modelling and computer graphics, control of mechanical, physical and chemical properties of manufactured products and materials, maintenance and repair of machines, technological preparation of engineering production, machine layout, material flow, welding with conventional and progressive technologies, machining technology on conventional and CNC machines, processing technologies and metallurgical processing of materials, foreign language (English/German)

Transport Services – click here

Specialization freight transport – knowledge in the field of technological procedures of rail and road transport, technologies and transport systems of freight transport and Intermodal transport, forwarding, handling and mechanization means, foreign language (English/German)

Specialization passenger transport – knowledge in the field of rail, road, air and water transport, passenger transport technology, technology and management of public transport, technology and management of the integrated transport system, foreign language (English/German)

Contact person: Ing. Alena Tikalská, International Relations Coordinator, tikalska@mail.vstecb.cz, +420778775712, https://www.vstecb.cz/en/

Thank you for your interest in cooperating with our university.

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