Pedagogical and teaching activities

The School of Expertness and Valuation is a guarantee workplace for the teaching of the specialization of Corporate Finance within the bachelor program of Business Economics. The program of Business Economics aims at explaining the system of the company, the functioning of its individual parts and especially at teaching the primary and selected secondary functions of a company. Corporate finance is considered one of the important secondary functions of an enterprise. In the first place, the student has two main subjects, namely Controlling and Corporate Finance I. More about the specialization of Corporate Finance can be found on the link:

The School also guarantees the teaching of the Master of Business Administration study program focusing on Corporate Finance. Compared to the bachelor’s program, the specialization of Financial Management broadens the knowledge about an enterprise and its finances significantly by adding another dimension – the financial element.

In general, the corporate finance show the movement of funds, capital and financial resources, in which an enterprise enters a variety of quantitative and qualitative monetary relations with other business entities, employees and the state. This is the basis for the definition of the financial management. We understand this as a subjective economic activity aiming to obtain the necessary amount of money and capital from various financial sources (financing), the allocation of money to various forms of non-monetary assets (investing) and profit distribution (dividend policy) in order to maximize the value of the enterprise. More about the MBA studies:

The academic staff is actively involved in the Erasmus+ learning programs. At the same time, the academics of the School have experience with teaching, for example, at North China University in Beijing.