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21. 8. 2014

Budweis, 21st August 2014

Although the ITB admission deadlines have passed, there is still a chance how to become a student. The chance is given by the project of the paid exceptional studies in the first and the second semester within the lifelong learning program.  The possibility to enter the bachelor fields of study is given until 15st September. The fields of study are engineering, traffic and logistics, economics and building industry.

The news is exceptional magister studies of the Traffic technologies and channels.  Bachelor absolvents who finish their studies within the September or did not succeed in the regular admission terms could enter this magister program until 10th September.

Both forms of the exceptional studies are combined (distant and present) and last one year. After passing all the requirements for the moving into the regular studies, it is possible to continue in the bachelors and magister programs at ITB from the third semester. Successful exams are certified and credits are included to the studies in accordance with the § 60 of Higher Education Act.

Such person will not lose a year of the life as in the case of waiting for new admission terms of the regular studies,” says Zuzana Rowland, the leader of the ITB lifelong learning program.

The lifelong learning bachelor programs cost 20 thousand CZK, 10 thousand CZK per semester. If the applicant is enrolled, he or she pays only the first year. Even if the studies last three or four years. It is 17 thousand CZK per semester (34 thousand CZK per year) in the case of magister studies. But the attendant of this kind of studies is not a student in accordance with the Higher Education Act. Therefore the attendant could not be a recipient of the advantages which are given by the regular studies. The attendant becomes a student, in accordance with the Higher Education Act, after the moving into regular studies.

The IBT has been intensively developing the lifelong program for four years. Over 1500 people get through those programs in a one year. Besides the exceptional studies, ITB offers many classes within the accredited language, requalification or specialized subjects which are aimed to the building management or the business economics. Popular is also the completing pedagogical study. There are 30 people who are complementing their knowledge and getting ready for the getting of the specialized qualification of educating subjects of high schools or leading the specialized schooling. The offer contains classes of the effective work with data and modern technologies, manager classes or specializing classes of the traffic logistics. By the virtue of the industry ministry ITB continuously educates the power specialists at least four times a year.

The employment market has required a high scale of flexibility in the last years. This is the reason why the people who want to stay at the employment market should continuously educate themselves and go back at the school at least once in five or ten years,” concluded Zuzana Rowland.


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