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11. 8. 2014

11th August 2014, Budweis

Over fifty students and pedagogues from seven European universities, for example Turkey, Lithuania or Latvia, participate in the international project which deals with the principles of sustainable buildings. This project is in its second week and takes place at ITB. This intensive two week program takes place in the building department for the first time. The part of it is lectures concerned the construction sustainability which are participated by foreign experts.  This is contribution for ITB, because this field of study is in its beginning in the Czech Republic, compared to abroad.

The sustainable buildings are those objects which are environmentally friendly, use renewable energy sources and recycled construction materials. There must be also a healthy inner environment and must be energetically effective.

The collective work gives us an absolutely different point of view on the sustainable questions. There is a discussion about the usage of particular materials, we insist on the enjoyment of staying in those buildings,” says HasanGökberkBayhan, the student of YildizTechnical University.

Excursions are the part of the program. They take place in Prague where is a certificated sustainable building Hotel Mosaic at the Charles’s Square. To this category belong two newly restored buildings at the Václavské square and some apartment yards. There has not been built such building in the south Bohemia till these days.

We are trying to achieve two goals. The first one is the students understand and study the basic principles of sustainable buildings design, the second goal is the students of this summer project get valuable international contacts. It is one of many goals of the international programme Erasmus, which is this project part of,” claims one of the organizers, Tomáš Hrdlička, ITB.

The Erasmus program is a flagship of the European Union higher education. It is addressed to students and pedagogues, was found in 1987, but in the Czech Republic has been developed since the year 1998. The Erasmus program is one of the basic pillars of international relation at ITB.

This program is very intensive and I take it as a great chance to share the knowledge and experience with others. We cooperate with people from different fields, from architecture, building management to the students who are aimed on ecology,” marked Ilze Dovigiallo, the student of Rezeknes Augstskola, Latvia.


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