Mechanical Engineering

  • Length of study: 3 years
  • Form of study: full-time
  • Price of study: 70 000 CZK, 2 692 EUR, 3 045 USD / per year


Detailed description

The aim of the three-year Bachelor study program in Engineering is to educate professionally competent, practically equipped, professionally-oriented experts in the field of machine design and production technology. The graduate profile of the Mechanical Engineering study program is designed so that the graduates are prepared for designing structures and mechanisms with computer support and for working in the field of production technology. An important part of the study is a 13-week semester practice, which allows students to acquire practical skills from the environment of industrial companies.

Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering study program can find employment especially in middle and higher technical-economic positions in mechanical engineering (or in related technical branches) by providing technological and especially design or project part of the production process, organizing operational activities and logistics. commercial technical services, etc.

The first semester is focused on the fundamentals of organization, management, and management of the company, related legislation and language preparation. The second semester and others are aimed at gaining theoretical foundations of technical disciplines with an emphasis on designing simple and complex units with computer support. At the same time, the study of technologies: cutting and machining of materials, casting, welding, surface treatment, assembly, maintenance. The last, sixth semester is focused on practice in selected manufacturing companies and elaboration of the bachelor thesis.



The study is comprehensively professional, in addition to the necessary level of theoretical and professional knowledge and knowledge, it leads to the acquisition of practical skills, habits, and competencies, whose formation has a high share of involvement of practitioners and, above all, long-term guided professional practice as a compulsory part of the study. The breadth and depth of studies are subordinate to the ultimate goal of educating practically proficient professionals with the necessary perspective and good orientation in the business sphere. The general, compulsory basis of the field of study is extended by compulsory elective courses that enable the student to specialize and is completed with elective courses that can be flexibly classified according to the needs of regional business practice.

Specialization Characteristics:

  1. Design and process engineering – The graduate can design engineering parts and groups for general engineering. It analyzes components and groups using calculations and simulation tools. It can analyze and design the production processes of the company. It plans logistic processes of production activities, proposes transport and storage facilities. Graduates can be employed not only as designers and calculators in design offices but also as designers in design offices.
  2. Engineering Technology – The aim of the specialization Engineering Technology is the education of professionally competent, practically equipped, professionally-oriented professionals in the field of technological CNC machining of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous materials, and composite materials. This field has long been demanded by forms and business institutions in the South Bohemian Region. Studying the proposed specialization in the field will enable graduates to acquire a full-time and prospective set of technical knowledge, knowledge, and skills in full-time study. Teaching is focused on professional qualification in CNC machining technology and welding of metals and non-metals.