Master of Business Administration – Master’s Degree (MBA)

  • Lenght of study: 2 years
  • Form of study: full-time
  • Price of study: 84 700 CZK, 3 257 EUR, 3 695 USD (including VAT) / per year


Detailed description

It is generally assumed that company finance reflects the flow of money, capital and financial sources, at the same time the company enters and leaves various quantitative and qualitative relationships with other business entities, employees and state. It is understood as a subjective economic activity carried out in order to obtain sufficient amount of money, capital and various financial sources (financing), allocation of money into various forms of non-monetary assets (investment), and profit distribution (dividend policy) with view to maximising the value of the company.



  1. Is able to collect data about the operating conditions of the company. He or she can quantify the data in monetary units and aggregate them in the form which can become a basis for making important decisions about company
  2. Understands the term “reporting” and is capable of creating complex, but at the same time clear and comprehensive reporting information
  3. Understands the taxing system and classification of individual
  4. Is able to develop proposals for marketing, business, production, investment, and other plans of the company by means of controlling system and financial
  5. Is familiar with the term “effectiveness”. He or she is aware of its connection with the strategic target of the
  6. Is familiar with the relationship between the company income, risk taking and can calculate the changing value of
  7. Can manage working capital of the company – stocks, financial assets and
  8. Is familiar with the impact of the procurement of work factor of
  9. Is capable of preparing supporting documents for investment decisions and has acquired the skills to make such a
  10. Is able to ensure adequate financial resources for the
  11. Optimises the capital structure of the
  12. Understands the operation of financial and capital
  13. Estimates the value of the company for investors, shareholders and
  14. Analyses financial soundness of the


Graduates employability

Graduates of the study programme are capable of obtaining sufficient amount of money, capital and various financial sources (finance), allocate money into various forms of non- monetary assets (invest) and distribute profit (dividend policy) with view to maximizing the value of the company as the key target of the company.