Documents and catalogs

Here you will find eg. a link to an online catalog, library wizard, price list or library rules.


Provided services

Library offers service regard publications, including the ordering and borrowing of literature, interlibrary loan services, sale of textbooks to students, access to electronic information sources, reprographics services, and bibliographic and information services. Issue dispensing revalidation stamps “stickers”. More information about the services…


Electronic information resources

The ITB library has an access to 4 licensed electronic information databases through the IP address of the school.

The CSN database is only accessible via 5 computers in the library; others databases from another computers in the area of ITB.

In addition, there are numbers of pre-selected freely accessible EIZs, students could be interested with contents and also as helping item for study and researching activities. More information about EIZ …


Electronic books

In library is possible access to electronic books. Online access is from all computers in the school.  Possibility to save copies of e-readers, tablets and smartphones for 14 days (like loans). Suddenly, you can store to 10 books up. Printing is limited to 60 pages per login. More information about the services…


Publications portal

Publications portal University of Technology and Economics in Budweis presents the current study training materials. It’s a medium which extends all publishing activity of IT. The authors submit their texts to the editor, they are further processed. It can also help editors to communicate with the individual authors. The portal was created as an outcome of the project Internet editorial center, which was funded with support from the Ministry of Education.