Information for Foreigners Interested in Bachelor’s Degree Programmes in the Czech Language

This section provides all the information and conditions for admission to the Erasmus programme in our Institute, as well as information on other international mobility programmes. Click here for further information

Applicants from EU

  • Support the purpose of stay with evidence (an original certificate on admission to a study or its certified copy)
  • Submission of application in the territory of the Czech Republic (3 months without any problems)
  • Passport, photo 3.5×4.5 cm
  • Fill in the violet application form
  • Proof of accommodation arrangement
  • Health insurance certificate
  • All free of charge
  • Foreign Police has a 30-day deadline for the processing of the application


Applicants from outside EU

  • Apply for visa
  • To be filed at the Czech embassy abroad
  • Fill in the green application form
  • Dormitory – proof of accommodation
  • Documentation proving the purpose of the stay – certificate on admission to study
  • 2 photos, passport
  • Prove availability of financial means; CZK 24,240 for 12 months to be submitted in cash in freely convertible currency or on a bank account statement + internationally accepted payment card
  • Extract from Criminal Records from the home country not older than 180 days; sworn translation necessary
  • It is necessary to present oneself to the Foreign Police within 3 days of arrival in the territory of the Czech Republic to obtain a long-term residence permit; a fee of CZK 1,000 applies
  • The deadline for the processing of the application is 60 days (incl. all essentials of the application)
  • Before a visa is granted it is a requirement to submit a certificate for health insurance concluded for the entire period of the stay


Contact Details

Information on visa – Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

If anything is unclear please contact the Foreign Police:

+ 420 974 226 851-9

The proceedings and answers are provided in the Czech language only.


Centre for foreigners integration support

Services rendered:

  • Consultancy and provision of information
  • Legal consultancy
  • Social and cultural training courses
  • Czech language courses
  • Internet workstation and library
  • Courses in Basic PC skills

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