External services provided by Faculty of Corporate Strategy

The Faculty of Corporate Strategy offers a wide range of services to public, basically educational, management and language courses listed on the website of the Centre of lifelong learning https://www.studiumprovas.cz/. The Faculty provides the following services:

  • Interpreting and translations.
  • Preparation and implementation of tailored Code of Ethics.
  • Socially responsible behaviour – implementation of the practices in the company, both external and internal.
  • Personnel diagnostics.
  • Work activities shadowing aimed at proposing measures to their streamlining.
  • Implementation of employee shift scheduling.
  • Eye tracking.
  • Marketing research.
  • Marketing strategies and launching and new product launches.
  • Managerial skills training with the use of virtual reality.
  • Analysis of business potential in a selected area and a proposal of suitable business activities to increase the potential of a given area.
  • Marketing management in tourism and business: promotion of tourism in a selected region + sustainable tourism.
  • Innovation of management and organization structures.


Contact person: Ing. Michal Ruschak, MBA, director of the Faculty of Corporate Strategy, email: ruschak@mail.vstecb.cz.