Documents and catalogs

•    FAQs
Any questions about the library? Here are the answers.
•    Online catalog – necessary to open in Mozilla Firefox
It’s created for finding a book, magazine or CD (more in the “Guide Library”).  Also possible to log into reader’s account and extend reader’s loans.
•    Guide Library
Guide Library contains information’s about online catalog, as well as a brief overview of library services and coypcentre.
•    Publications for sale
List of books, textbooks and books for sale, including prices.
•    CD for sale
CDs with study materials are possible to buy. Submit an email request for creating CDs and subsequent pickup is possible the next day.
•    List of magazines
It contains the information’s of the magazines number title possible to borrow.
•    Library and Loans rules libraries and study room ITB
The library rules must be aware of all visitors to the library, during the first visit of the library fill statement as a confirmation of introduction and acceptance of library rules. Model of statement here.
•    Price List of charges and paid services
It includes penalties and charges resulting from the Library Regulations. The following are the prices for services Coypcentre.