Departments of Faculty of Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The department provides full education in the field of mechanical engineering. At present, the department can draw on a range of personnel from broad backgrounds. These include experienced academic staff and experts with practical knowledge and skills. The Head of the Department is Ing. Daniel Kučerka, Ph.D. Strong support is provided to the department by Prof. J. Kadlec, doc. S. Rusnáková, doc. J. Míka, Ph.D. and I. Vilček, Ph.D. due to their wealth of experience in universities and professional experience in mechanical engineering in the Czech and Slovak Republics.


Department of Transport and Logistics

The Department of Transport and Logistics provides for the teaching of specialized and professionally oriented subjects in the field of  Transport and Traffic Technologies in close connection with professional experience. In addition to this field of study the department also provides for the teaching of some subjects with regards to Business Economics and Civil Engineering Management. The study of transport goes hand-in-hand with the use of up-to-date computer technologies, new approaches to the forms of teaching of individual subjects and cooperation with transport experts with practical experience in transport companies.


Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering provides for the teaching of specialized and professionally oriented subjects in the fields of Civil Engineering Management and Building Construction. The research and development activities of the department are focused on the constructional and static issues of support system design and construction, constructional physics (heat engineering, acoustics, lighting), assembly construction design, interaction of supporting and non-supporting subsystems, defects, restorations, redevelopment of construction, degradation processes in construction and materials, design of low-energy and passive construction, fire protection and health safety of buildings, insulation systems, urbanism and landscape planning together with the maintenance of sights of historical interest, soil mechanics and geologies, and environmental and ecological issues. Within their study programmes students undertake practical experience whereby they can begin to focus on their further professional growth.


Department of Natural Sciences

The department’s pedagogical and creative activities are focused on theoretical research in the sphere of natural sciences and connected accredited study programmes for Civil Engineering Economics and Management. The members of the department also participate in the project activities of the Institute (FRVS – Higher Education Development Fund, GACR – Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, etc.) within their capacities and specialisations, irrespective of whether they are the proposers of grants, the researcher, or co-researcher. The department teaches supporting subjects in accordance with the accredited study programmes. These include the following subjects: Mathematics I which applies to both study programmes; Mathematics II which is compulsory for all students of Civil Engineering; Mathematics III which is compulsory for all students of Building Construction for the programmes Civil Engineering, Physics, Descriptive Geometry; CAD I, II, III, and IV and Information Technologies I which applies to both study programmes; and Information Technologies II and Statistics for the program Economics and Management.


Department of Environmental Technology (DET)

ITB is going in the direction of multidisciplinary research in which technology meets in a wide range of other disciplines, in particular economy and ethics. For these reasons, the Department of Environmental Technology was established. Department is routinely providing consulting activities; investment opportunities; project activities etc. Most of our results are traceable in databases of Patent Offices or established scientific databases. More information about department …