Departments of Faculty of Corporate strategy

Department of Tourism and Marketing

The Department of Tourism and Marketing has been operating at the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice since April 2014. It currently provides for the teaching of four significant specializations within the field of – Marketing, Business Enterprise, Tourism and Chinese markets for the bachelor level of study of Business Economics. Concept of specialization is based on the requirements of employers and long-term intention of Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice. When delivering undergraduate program and various specializations, emphasis is placed on linking theoretical knowledge with practical application in solving specific problems, case studies, student projects, etc. That is why the cooperation with real businesses is established.

The head of the department is Ing. Radim Dušek, Ph.D.



Department of Management

Department of management with its content focus and range of activities is one of profiled departments of the Faculty of Corporate Strategy at the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice (hereinafter referred to as ITB). It ensures pedagogical and publishing activities in management disciplines in Bachelor´s and Master´s full-time and part-time study programmes at the Faculty of Corporate Strategy as well as at other ITB faculties. It also participates in ensuring instruction in BBA and MBA study programmes. The Department ensures and guarantees compulsory and elective courses with a focus on business administration, human resources management, strategic management, change management, innovation management, regional science and regional policy, business process management, risk management, crisis management, innovations and business processes changes,  employee training, organizational culture and behaviour, employees management, intercultural management, state and public administration organization and project.

The head of the department is prof. Ing. Jan Váchal, CSc.



Centre of Language Services

The Centre of Language Services is focused mainly on teaching foreign languages and providing translation and interpreting services. The Centre of Language Services (former Department of Foreign Languages) has been a fundamental part of VSTE from its very beginning. The Centre provides language education for all current VSTE study programmes, for both economic and technical specializations. Its members also teach in language courses offered by the Lifelong Learning Centre. The team of the Centre are qualified and experienced teachers who are constantly working on improving their qualifications and specialization. The Centre also cooperates with native speakers. The members of the Centre also actively participate in publishing and project activities of the schoo l, cooperating with other departments, divisions and faculties not only from the mother university but also with several other Czech and foreign universities. Currently, the Centre also offers translation and interpreting services, and general and specific language courses of English, German, Russian, and Spanish.

The head of the centre is Mgr. Libuše Turinská



Department of Human Resource Management

The Department is responsible for a newly accredited bachelor study programme HRM and some subjects of further bachelor and continuing master programmes in the full-time and combined forms. The Department is particularly responsible for the instruction in the fields of HR management, business ethics, applied psychology and subjects related to the development of managerial skills, organization culture and intercultural management and law, at the bachelor as well as master levels.

The DHRM also guarantees and provides pedagogical staff for the educational programmes of “Study in the field of pedagogic sciences for teachers of professional subjects, practical training and professional training” and “Study in the field of pedagogic sciences for teachers of professional subjects and professional training in the sphere of economics”.

The Department significantly strives for the deepening of the theoretical knowledge and its practical application through the cooperation with entities from the corporate as well as non-profit sectors and government and local authority bodies. Experts from the industry also participate in the education.

The Department solves research, development as well as international projects and cooperates with foreign universities, particularly in Germany, Hungary Slovakia and other countries.

In its scientific, creative and business activities the Department focuses on the personnel diagnostics in relation to the building of a laboratory, which has already started, and on the purchasing of diagnostic tools, particularly in the sphere of the recruitment and selection of employees, assessment of employees and the corporate culture and corporate education.

Business ethics and social responsibility is another sphere of the scientific and research activity. Ethical infrastructure of a business and social responsibility has been the recent central topic.

The head of the department is PaedDr. Mgr. Zdeněk Caha, Ph.D., MBA, MSc.