Department of Management

Department of management with its content focus and range of activities is one of profiled departments of the Faculty of Corporate Strategy at the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice (hereinafter referred to as ITB). It ensures pedagogical and publishing activities in management disciplines in Bachelor´s and Master´s full-time and part-time study programmes at the Faculty of Corporate Strategy as well as at other ITB faculties. It also participates in ensuring instruction in BBA and MBA study programmes. The Department ensures and guarantees compulsory and elective courses with a focus on business administration, human resources management, strategic management, change management, innovation management, regional science and regional policy, business process management, risk management, crisis management, innovations and business processes changes,  employee training, organizational culture and behaviour, employees management, intercultural management, state and public administration organization and project. Under the Erasmus programme, the department is responsible for the subject Business Management. Gradually, the number of subjects taught in a foreign language are increasing, especially in English and Russian. The Department aims to participate in educating and improving the qualification of competitive graduates for corporate management practice with employment in the middle and higher management of Czech and foreign companies. Emphasis is put on the development of cooperation with business and public administration of the South Bohemian region in particular.
In terms of scientific and research activities, the department participates in solving internal grants of ITB, projects within TACR and projects from EU structural funds. As examples of project solution, there can be mentioned e.g. international research project “Analýza malých a středních podniků a jejich role v tržní ekonomice“ (Analysis of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Their Role in the Market Economy), whose partners are two foreign institutions, Russian Samara State University of Economics and Chinese North China University of Technology, project „Podnikatelské kompetence na česko-bavorském trhu práce“ (Entrepreneurial Competence on Czech-Bavarian Labour Market – EÚS 2014 – 2020 CR – Free State of Bavaria), where the project partner is Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg. Another project supported was a project submitted within TACR (Éta programme) „Stabilizace a rozvoj MSP ve venkovském prostoru“ (Stabilization and development of SMEs in Rural Areas) in the period 2018-2020. The members of the Department significantly participate in solving the last project mentioned.



Head of the Department of Management                         
prof. Ing. Jan Váchal, CSc. (
Deputy Head of the Department of Management
doc. Ing. Jarmila Straková, Ph.D. (