Department of Management

Katedra managementu

Our department guarantees many basic theoretical, specialized, and voluntary subjects, like Business Management, Economic Theories and Process Management, Strategic Management and Decision-Making, Value Management, Innovation Management, Quality Management, Corporate Project Management, Corporate Risk Analysis etc., including Business Management, Strategic Management and Innovation Management for Erasmus students. We follow major global trends in management, which has recently become the most dynamic field of social sciences. The department also endeavours to raise highly competitive graduates for middle-level and top management in Czech and international companies, encouraging cooperation with the business sphere and South Bohemian public administration.

Our research fields involve TA CR scientific projects, ranking among the most successful scientific activities at the Faculty of Corporate Strategy at the ITB. We also participate in the EU funding programmes, business vouchers and internal research projects, publishing our outcomes in peer-reviewed journals indexed in the Web of Science, Scopus and at conferences in the CR or abroad.

The research activities reflect the department’s specialization, including:

  • Modern forms of corporate management and organization,
  • Designing new and innovating current management and organizational structures,
  • Strategic management and decision-making including a new corporate strategy formulation,
  • Decomposition and innovation of basic corporate subsystems,
  • Analysing and assessing business processes,
  • Devising competitive commercial strategies and models,
  • Quality processes and process innovations in companies,
  • Managerial skills throughout basic management levels,
  • Digitization processes within the corporate systematic concept,
  • Automation of mass and custom-made production,
  • Customer value in business processes,
  • Business crisis scenarios in case of a crisis
  • Carrying out Digital Factory for Education – DFE, Digital Factory for Management – DFM

Innovation and Quality Group

Management and strategy group


Organizational structure

Head of the Department: prof. Ing. Jan Váchal, CSc. (
Deputy of the Head of the Department: doc. Ing. Jarmila Straková, Ph.D. (