Department of Human Resource Management

Katedra řízení lidských zdrojů

Our department is a cornerstone of the Faculty of Corporate Strategy, offering a unique Bachelor study programme HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT and many more Bachelor and follow-up Master programmes to full-time and part-time students. The subject areas cover personnel management, business ethics and CSR, applied psychology, managerial skills, corporate culture, intercultural management, staff training and development and other related fields. We also teach the selected subjects in English to Czech and Erasmus students.

We currently guarantee STUDY FOR TEACHERS OF VOCATIONAL SUBJECTS, PRACTICAL EDUCATION AND SPECIAL TRAINING, a highly sought-after study programme sharpening required teaching and psychological skills.

We avidly seek deepening theoretical findings and their practical application in cooperation with companies, non-profit organizations, state administration and self-administration bodies, including many distinguished experts from practice.

Our research activities involve the current buoyant demand for effective and innovative human resource management and organizational culture, responding to changes in labour markets, cut-throat international competition, and different needs throughout business sectors (according to the business size and specialization). We explore how human resource management and develops and adapts to the pandemic and post-pandemic situation. Our department participates in contract research and national and international research and development projects, including TA CR, INTERREG, OPVK etc., cooperating with many universities from Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Slovakia etc.

PaedDr. Mgr. Zdeněk Caha, Ph.D. MBA, MSC. (Head of the Department)

Organizational Culture and Competence Group


Organizational structure

Head of the Department: doc. PaedDr. Mgr. Zdeněk Caha, Ph.D. MBA, MSC.  (

Deputy of the Head of the Department: Ing. Iva Klementová, Ph.D. (