Business Administration

  • Length of study: 3 years
  • Form of study: full-time
  • Price of study: 70 000 CZK, 2 692 EUR, 3 045 USD / per year
  • Study plan


Detailed description

Business Administration is offered as a full-time study. The programme focuses on the economics and management of the individual functions of a business. In addition to providing basic theoretical knowledge in economics, business economics and management, marketing, financial management, accountancy, business activities management and other vocational subjects, it also provides students with the opportunity to acquire pratical knowledge during seminars on these subjects.

The development of expertise take splace through further specializations in the choice of optional subjects and in particular through long-term semester practice. The studies also include the development of communication skills in a foreign language and acquisition of foreign-language professional terminology. Students have the opportunity to gain international experience during short-term and long-term international mobility.


  1. are able to evaluate basic economic processes and the course of business operations in market economy and implement the findings in practical entrepreneurial behavior;
  2. can systematically and comprehensivelly approach to solving topical business economic issues;
  3. can evaluate macroeconomic development of the state and understand its economic policy;
  4. are able to apply legal standards in common business situations;
  5. can use computer technology and the follow-up information technologies;
  6. are able to apply statistics, financial mathematics, and logistics procedures;
  7. can use means of communication in two foreign languages in both oral and written form;
  8. motivate and a stimulate co-workers to achieve goals and perform operative and proper control activities;
  9. ensure harmonic interpersonal relations at the workplace with appropriate empathy;
  10. promote and comply with business ethics and ensure respect of internal rules and provisions;
  11. represent a company and ensure the basic formalities;
  12. cooperate in the projects with international participation.

Graduates employability

Graduates in the Bachelor´s study programme Business Administration are university-educated professionals with a possibility to find work in the middle-level business management and in specialized finance, accountings, marketing, business and distribution activities. The graduates can find work in qualified executive functions in industrial, commercial and transport companies, in services, consulting, non-profit organizations and institutions of public and state administration. Obligatory work experience at the end of the studies allows for independent performance of a profession or employing the graduates in the lower or middle-level management positions immediately after completing their studies.