Building Construction

  • Length of study: 4 years
  • Form of study: full-time
  • Price of study: 70 000 CZK, 2 692 EUR, 3 045 USD / per year
  • Study plan


Detailed description

The concept for the field of study Building Construction is that of a professionally oriented discipline that prepares students mainly for business practice. The objective is to prepare experts for middle-level management positions and for activities relating to the improvement of the reliability, durability and functional perfection of buildings, as well as the application of modern approaches to the prevention of construction defects and failures. Particular attention is paid to insulation and the reconstruction of buildings, which are topical issues and dynamically evolving areas of civil engineering.


  1. acquire basic knowledge and skills in the economic fields as well as in the fields of management of the business and non-business activities.
  2. are able to use computer technology with current software equipment.
  3. have expertise in elimination of defects and failures of buildings.
  4. have expertise in technology, conducting surveys and investigations for diagnosing the causes of defects and failures and determining the methods for repairs.
  5. have basic skills in the field of business management, in particular process, project and construction works management.
  6. are able to communicate in a foreign language in the field of civil engineering.
  7. gain knowledge from professional practice in building production at all levels, and concrete practical skills.
  8. become familiar with working environment, content of work and job opportunities in civil engineering.
  9. have professional knowledge in insulations and building reconstruction with emphasis on reliability and functional perfection of buildings.
  10. improve the basic language skills required for communication on professional topics in a foreign language.
  11. are able to interconnect the partial knowledge in the individual fields of study in a logical and coherent whole, understand the interdisciplinary links and important context.
  12. know the content of work and long-term work experience and thus are able to integrate in the work process.

Graduates employability

Graduates in the Bachelor´s study programme Building Construction are university-educated professionals with a possibility to find work in companies as well as in public institutions.  They have knowledge and skills in important business activities and functioning of public sector, which enables them to engage effectively in the positions of the lower and middle-level management. They have expertise in waterproofing, thermal insulation and building reconstruction. In the private sector, the graduates can find employment as construction technicians in construction management, head of production and construction preparation, cost estimators, or construction technicians for special technologies.

In public administration (national administration and regional administration), the graduates can find employment in asset management, regional development, investment, work at building authorities and state construction supervision. After completion of studies, the graduates can study in the follow-up study in Master´s study programmes in all civil engineering fields offered by the universities and colleges in the Czech Republic.