Building Construction

  • Length of study: 1,5 years
  • Form of study: full-time
  • Price of study: 70 000 CZK, 2 692 EUR, 3 045 USD / per year


Detailed description

The structure of subjects of the follow-up master’s degree in the study program Civil Engineering, specialization Construction of constructions is chosen deliberately to ensure the universality of the follow-up substance in this subsequent degree of study and thus ensure the study Likewise, this composition and arrangement of subjects allows mutual transfer between schools of the same focus for students who, for some reason, change their place of study and also ensures continuity between the different fields of construction schools and related technical faculties.

The situation in construction companies in the South Bohemia region, which are interested in university-educated workers with completed Master’s degree in higher education, speaks for the development of the follow-up master’s degree in the study program Civil Engineering. The development potential is also favorable to the development of construction activities in South Bohemia in the field of building construction and constructions related to the development of transport infrastructure together with the growing tourism.


Use of absolvents

The Master’s degree educates technically educated construction professionals who can independently, safely and professionally manage, after obtaining the authorization of an authorized engineer, the most complex construction activities.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to independently design and process construction projects in all stages of project documentation (feasibility study, studies, building permit projects, construction projects) and to lead, manage and economically evaluate these projects. Graduates will find employment in a wide range of construction disciplines in both project and implementation components and will be able to work in the state administration.

The graduate’s job is in leading technical positions in the field of construction.

A graduate with interdisciplinary, architectural-design, construction-technical and environmental education oriented to buildings and their environment will be able to cooperate with all participants in the construction and with specialists in all professions of building design documentation. The graduate demonstrates theoretical and practical knowledge of the use of resources necessary for solving given structural, static, energy and economic calculations and optimization of these activities together with sophisticated knowledge of physical and mathematical procedures, know procedures for building preparation and realization and can propose suitable alternatives solutions from the field of construction.