Reprographic services

All services of Copy Center are charged; see below pricing, academics workers are charged via department, other workers ITB are charged via relevant department or via relevant department. For students: to use the services of  Copy Centre, they must have sufficient funds to ISIC card and it will be deduct according to various services provided, see the price list. In areal of ITB are self-multifunctional printers – the ground of Building D and E (name Konica Minolta). On these printers is the ability to print via the ISIC.

Reprographic work requirements must be submitted in advance according to the following schedule:


COPYING( without spiral binding) 
a) more than 50 pages of text  submit one day in advance
b) more than 100 pages of text submit two days in advance


Printing( without spiral binding)
a) up to 100 pages are solved concurrently
b) over 100 pages submit one day in advance


a) up to 10 pages are solved concurrently
b) 11 to 30 pages submit one day in advance
c) 31 or more pages submit at least two days in advance


Spiral binding : 
Is solved concurrently.


Is solved concurrently.


Copying and printing with subsequent binding:
Submit one day in advance

Larger scope of work necessary submits at least two days in advance.

Exceptional cases, according a personal appointment, depend on the amount and scope of orders, possible to handle the request immediately.

Please stick to the deadlines for your own interest and respect of your colleagues.