ITB reminds Twenty years of the South African democracy

Budweis, 2nd October 2014 ITB was the place where the people form south Bohemia reminded the 20th anniversary of the first free elections in the Republic of South Africa. “The republic of South Africa is located on the different continent, but it is interesting to compare its experience on conversion from racial segregation to democracy and the […]

ITB started the new academic year in the city of Tábor

Budweis/Tábor, 29th September 2014 For the first time in the history of ITB the new academic year has started in two places. The academic year 2011/2015 started in the metropolis of the south Bohemia, Budweis, and in Tábor, where the Centre of technical studies of ITB with the bachelor specialization of the Progressive materials in the […]

ITB kindergarten prepares for new school year

Budweis, 28th August 2014 A new kindergarten of ITB was opened by festive ribbon cutting and wishing nice days. The kindergarten grown up in the area of ITB and the capacity is 24 kids. “The new kindergarten really helped us so much, because it was impossible to get a free place for our son in any […]

The lifelong learning program at ITB offers exceptional magister degree studies.

Budweis, 21st August 2014 Although the ITB admission deadlines have passed, there is still a chance how to become a student. The chance is given by the project of the paid exceptional studies in the first and the second semester within the lifelong learning program.  The possibility to enter the bachelor fields of study is given […]

At ITB Foreign students familiarize with the principles of sustainable buildings during the summer semester.

11th August 2014, Budweis Over fifty students and pedagogues from seven European universities, for example Turkey, Lithuania or Latvia, participate in the international project which deals with the principles of sustainable buildings. This project is in its second week and takes place at ITB. This intensive two week program takes place in the building department for […]

A strong focus on practice

With us, you will be able to verify your theoretical knowledge in practice that lasts for the whole semester. And who knows if they are happy with you, they can offer you a straight job.

High employability of graduates in the labor market

According to the latest research, more than 97% of our graduates get a job at the latest within two months of completing their studies.


Do you have the opportunity to study abroad? In addition to stays for the whole semester, you can take part in a summer school in China or visit one of the partner schools.


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