Students voting: ITB is second in the Czech Republic


 České Budějovice , 2nd February 2014

According to the students in České Budějovice University of Technology and Economics (ITB) second best technicians in the country, including private schools.  She pointed to the Faculty of competition, organized by the Czech Student Union. The public universities ITB in the category Technology - public and private came tops. The ranking appeared a total of 32 universities. The first ended in a private College of Logistics Přerov , Third Faculty of Information Technology Brno .
"I am pleased with this award, because personal view of student 's  own school is essential , whether the school is medium or high. Students are in their evaluations usually very critical, and if we are convinced the quality of our work , then I consider very valuable , " says Marek Vochozka , rector of ITB .
In a poll of students and graduates received ITB in this category, the largest number of votes. Conversion by school size, then it ranked second in the College of Logistics, which by the way is working with a number of projects , including on- line distance learning.
Faculty of Competition , in which the vote from 4th November 2013 to 14th January 2014 , a survey among students in the Czech Republic , who watches them at their college or university studies.
ITB was established by law in 2006 and is the youngest public university in the country. This year, for it work on the 4,000 students in bachelor's five fields: engineering, technology services and transportation , construction of buildings, construction economics and management.