Information On the Follow-up Master Studies at University CEVRO INSTITUTE, o.p.s.

On the basis of agreement on cooperation with the CEVRO INSTITUTE, o.p.s., the graduates of The Institute of Technology and Business have the possibility to study the follow-up master degree in Public Administration under more favourable conditions.  

If a graduate or a student of the last year successfully completes the block of optional courses in law, he/she will be preferentially accepted to the master study program Public Administration without the entrance examination. In this case the administration fee will not be required and there will be a special discount on tuition.


1. The Block of Optional Courses Includes These Subjects:

  • Constitutional Law I a II
  • Administrative Law
  • Substantive Civil Law
  • Civil Procedure Law
  • Business Law
  • Criminal Law


Optional courses will be listed in the Lifelong Learning Program during May and August 2012, with a condition to open a group of courses with the minimum number of 30 registered participants. Teaching will be in the block form with the hourly subsidy of eight lessons + the final examination for each subject. The total price for the study of optional courses within the Lifelong Learning Program is 5,800,-  CZK including VAT. 

After the successful passing of the course, the students will get a certificate. On the basis of this certificate, the graduate will be accepted to studies in compliance with the above mentioned conditions. 

The application to the block of optional courses should be submitted by 15th May 2012.


2. Application Form for Master Degree Studies

After the enrolment for the block of optional courses, students interested in follow-up master degree studies will fill in the application for CEVRO INSTITUE until 30th June 2012 via VŠTE, Lifelong Learning Program. The student who submits a certified copy of a certificate of successful passing of the above mentioned block of optional courses by 5th September 2012 will be accepted to studies.

3. Price of Study

The price of one semester of master´s program is 25.000,- CZK. The graduate of VŠTE who was accepted under the above mentioned conditions does not pay (on the basis of the contract on cooperation) the last semester of study before the master’s final examination.

4. Length of Study and Tuition 

The study period is two years long in combined form at the branch CEVRO INSTITUE, o. p. s. in Český Krumlov.

5. Study Plans

Information on Public Administration, graduate profile, curriculum and other information can be found on the website of CEVRO INSTITUTE

For more information, contact the Lifelong Learning Programs at the contacts below.


Centrum celoživotního vzdělávání (Lifelong Learning Program)

Vysoká škola technická a ekonomická v Českých Budějovicích

Okružní 10

370 01 České Budějovice

Tel.: 387 842 126, 168

mobil: 725 869 061


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