Basic terminology

Expert opinion –are made in accordance with the Czech legislation. It is an expert assessment of a given problem, and it bears an expert seal (“round stamp”). It can be prepared by an expert or expert institute for a field in which it has been appointed.

Expert opinion usually includes:

  • Specification of the problem/subject of valuation
  • List of questions – expert task, and answers to these questions
  • Theoretical description of the issue
  • Methodology of elaborating/setting the price
  • Conclusion containing the answers to the questions asked
  • Expert clause
  • Impression of seal

Regular price – according to Section 2 Article 1 of the Act No. 151/1997 Sb., it is a price attained on selling the same or similar assets or on providing the same or similar service in the domestic trade at the valuation date while considering all factors that may influence the price. The price shall not reflect the effects of influences of exceptional circumstances of the market, personal situation of the seller or the buyer, or the effect of pretium affectionis. Exceptional circumstances of the market include for example the state of distress of the seller or buyer or the consequences of natural or other disasters. Personal situation means especially property, family or other personal relationship between the seller and the buyer. Pretium affectionis means a special value placed upon a product or service resulting from a personal attitude to them. Regular price expresses the value of a thing and it is determined on the basis of comparison.

Price ascertained – price determined in accordance with the relevant price regulation. Its determination is usually required for tax purposes.