Certified experts and appraisers work in the School of Expertness and Valuation. The school was registered upon a resolution of the Ministry of Justice in section I for the sphere of economy pursuant to sec. 36/1967 and is thus authorized to prepare expert opinions for financial assets and appraisal of enterprises, revision and assessment of modifications of companies (mergers, transfers of assets to a partner, splits, changes of legal form), assessment and revision of relations, contracts, prices and other facts in compliance with the Commercial Code, bookkeeping, appraisal of intangible assets, investments, wages, appraisal of movable and immovable assets. Ing. Veronika Machová is the director of the school.

In 2016, the School of Expertness and Valuation extended expert authority on the field of mechanical engineering with a range of expert authorization for construction machinery, technological equipment, transport and handling technology, manufacturing and materials engineering (systems and processes, production machinery and equipment), assessing the technical condition (quality, reliability and safety) of manufacturing machinery and equipment including assessment of causes of failure of machinery and equipment.



The School of Expertness and Valuation provides a range of services especially in the area of expertise in the frames of awarded expert authorization, as well as in the field of valuation of movable and immovable assets, valuation of companies, assessing mergers, acquisitions and other corporate transformations. Within the offered services consulting services are also provided. More information…



Members of The School of Expertness and Valuation have a lot of experience in solving of projects from programmes such as OPEC, FRVŠ or TAČR. The outcomes of completed projects contributed to the improvement of teaching, but also to the development of cooperation between the professional community and the university.


Other activities and staffing.


Currently, it guarantees and, with cooperation of the Faculty of Corporate Strategy, staffs the undergraduate degree programmes accredited by the European Council for Business Education. After the successful completion of studies of these programmes, the students gain the title BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration or MBA – Master of Business Administration.

The School of Expertness and Valuation provides education in the specialisation of Corporate finance in Business economy field of study.


Members of The School of Expertness and Valuation are academics who publish actively. Thus, they demonstrate their expertise not only in practical terms, processing expertises, but also in theoretical terms by publishing or presenting scholarly papers in academic conferences.

Valuation in individual areas would not be possible without a strong team:

Doc. Ing. Marek Vochozka, MBA, Ph.D.

Ing. Zuzana Rowland

Ing. Jaromír Vrbka

Ing. Vojtěch Stehel

Ing. Martin Podařil, Ph.D.

Prof. Ing. Bořivoj Groda, DrSc.

Prof. Ing. Jan Mareček, DrSc., dr.h.c