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Press Releases

The lifelong learning program at ITB offers exceptional magister degree studies.

 Although the ITB admission deadlines have passed, there is still a chance how to become a student. The chance is given by the project of the paid exceptional studies in the first and the second semester within the lifelong learning program.  The possibility to enter the bachelor fields of study is given until 15st September. The fields of study are engineering, traffic and logistics, economics and building industry. 

At ITB Foreign students familiarize with the principles of sustainable buildings during the summer semester.

Over fifty students and pedagogues from seven European universities, for example Turkey, Lithuania or Latvia, participate in the international project which deals with the principles of sustainable buildings. This project is in its second week and takes place at ITB. This intensive two week program takes place in the building department for the first time. The part of it is lectures concerned the construction sustainability which are participated by foreign experts.  This is contribution for ITB, because this field of study is in its beginning in the Czech Republic, compared to abroad.

ITB reminds Twenty years of the South African democracy

 ITB was the place where the people form south Bohemia reminded the 20th anniversary of the first free elections in the Republic of South Africa.. 

ITB started the new academic year in the city of Tábor

Poprvé v historii českobudějovické Vysoké školy technické a ekonomické začal dnes její nový akademický rok 2014/15 na dvou místech. Vedle jihočeské metropole také v Táboře, kde vzniklo Centrum technických studií VŠTE s bakalářskou specializací Progresivní materiály v automobilovém průmyslu. Ta je součástí oboru Strojírenství a nastoupilo na ní prvních několik desítek středoškoláků. 

ITB kindergarten prepares for new school year

 A new kindergarten of ITB was opened by festive ribbon cutting and wishing nice days. The kindergarten grown up in the area of ITB and the capacity is 24 kids.