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Board of Professionals

It is a professional association of the most important companies in the region that closely cooperate with VŠTE. The subject of cooperation is mainly research, development, and creative activity, application of the profile requirements of graduates, outputs from learning (e.g. bachelor thesis), joint projects, educational stays of academic staff and knowledge transfer.

Technical and Educational Consortium at VŠTE

The Technical and Educational Consortium at VŠTE is an association of legal persons, the members of which are mainly secondary technical schools in South Bohemia. The objective of the consortium is to mainly support technical education and permeability among the individual levels of the education system.

Partners for Practical Experience, Research & Development, Creative Activities, etc.

In addition to working closely with the Board of Professionals, we have concluded more than 700 framework cooperation agreements with companies and institutions with which we cooperate in the areas of work experience for our students, applied research, technologies transfer, organisation of conferences, professional workshops, etc.

Lectures and Workshops

This section provides basic information on the lectures and workshops that are carried out by professionals with practical experience. These are predominantly open to the entire academic community of VŠTE, and in some cases those lectures are put on as part of the subjects under which they belong.