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VŠTE has an extensive campus at its disposal for its activities. The address is:  Okruzni 517/10, 370 01 České Budějovice. The campus provides students with premises for classes, study rooms, offices for spin-off companies, a library, school canteen and dormitory. The Institute is currently building laboratory facilities. In addition, the Institute has recently opened its Centre of Technological Studies in Tabor, where it is currently possible to study Mechanical Engineering with a specialisation in Progressive Materials in the Automobile Industry.

Main building and Administrative Centre

The main D building houses the Administrative Centre where students can settle all matters related to their study in one place. The Centre includes a Study Section, Section of Practical Training and External Relations, Life-long Education, and the Information and Consultancy Centre.

The Students' Union of VŠTE also has allocated space within the Administrative Centre for its activities. The union provides students with consultancy services with regards to their duties in their studies and related administration.

The Library also forms an integral part of the campus. Students may borrow various publications or surf the internet.

The main lecture hall is located near the library. The lecture hall has a capacity of approx. 400 students. It is suitable for big lectures or conferences with interesting guest speakers.

Students may also use computer classrooms, in which they can efficiently spend their free time between individual lectures.



The Technical and Technological Institute has new laboratories designed for teaching and cooperation with enterprises. The focus of the laboratories corresponds to individual accredited disciplines and is go engineering, construction, transport and logistics. In laboratories, it is possible to examine the hardness of materials, perform various measurements and compositions of these materials, or create entirely new products using CNC machines. Interesting are 3D measuring machines and much more ...